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Andy and Melissa Beshore

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Paul Washer Speaking on Missions and a Q&A Session Afterwards

In the beginning of this video, Paul Washer speaks about how Heartcry got started, and about Biblical missions and what it should really look like, which contrasts starkly with what most have in their mind of what missions is about. Is it more than just sending a bunch of teenagers with matching T-shirts off on a week and a half trip overseas, coming back with great reports of many being saved? What kind of effect are we REALLY having overseas anyways? I (Melissa) have personally been on 4 mission trips, with 3 of them being overseas and I couldn't agree with Paul more when he speaks of modern missions. We have strayed so far from what it should be. If you have a heart for missions, are already a missionary, or want to be one some day, I highly recommend you listening to at least the beginning of this video. I wish someone had shared these things with me a long time ago.

During the following Q&A session, Paul answers questions about what is really going on in China. We hear reports of thousands getting saved every day. What's the real story?

He answers how to handle a situation where you believe someone isn't saved, and you have shared the gospel with them over and over again. What do you do? Do you give up or keep persisting?

He speaks of Biblical assurance and the security of the believer. Can anyone REALLY know they are saved?

Towards the end, he goes on to speak of the Lord's discipline in our lives and more. I hope you will be blessed by watching this.

Click here to get the video for yourself.

1 comment:

Dee said...

I watched another video of another sermon of Paul Washer's and I really loved it - there should be no reason from that sermon to never invite him back. However, I was just about to email the link to a few people I know, when I stumbled upon this same Paul Washer running Joel Osteen's ministery into the ground. Right there and then I crossed Paul Washer's name of in my note book.People accuse Joel Osteen of having a "soft, gentle" ministry, and accuse him of being a "motivational speaker" as if that's bad. YET, JESUS WAS THE WORLD'S BIGGEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER! But nobody gets this, do they? Joel's sermons are completely bible based, with reference to bible verses.
I tell you the truth, that "fellow" Christians and evangelists and pastors, etc, are more dangerous and detrimental to God's kingdom than what God's natural enemies are, when they start attacking such great men of God as Joel and Nicky Gumble and Joyce Meyers, etc. These are God's own people they are attempting to destroy. I pity those "Christians" who do that, because I KNOW God is not happy with them AT ALL.
God's kingdom has enough enemies, without it's "own" people turning on themselves.