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Andy and Melissa Beshore

Monday, May 25, 2009

Andy's First Open Air Preaching Experience

I went with Frank Rollberg, a friend from church. Here is the URL to Frank's blog.

http://wwwsavedbygrace.blogspot.com/ <--(Click Here) This is the first time I went with Frank and actually preached something to completion. Since, I have been back once with Frank. God gave us boldness and wisdom. If you have witnessed (which all Christians should do) but have never preached open air, I would suggest trying it. It is unlike any other experience you will ever have sharing your faith. It is encouraging when you are done, having encouragers support you when you are done. In the Bible Belt, where we live (Muscle Shoals, Alabama), the heckling is sparse, if at all. Frank, from Chicago, has told stories of some irate crowds. But the truth stings the unregenerate, so we should expect them to get convicted, and that conviction to manifest itself in the form of anger. I hope this little bit encourages you to speak boldly the name of Christ. God Bless!

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