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Andy and Melissa Beshore

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Defining and Defending Authentic Christianity

"For the Christian, defending the faith isn't an option. It's a solemn responsibility."

"It should be obvious if you think about it. Claiming to be a Christian doesn't make you a true follower of Christ anymore than calling yourself a vegetarian makes you one regardless of what you believe or do. In order to be a Christian, you must submit yourself completely to Christ and believe the Bible and its teachings."

- Eric Holmberg

This is a short clip from The Marks of a Cult by Eric Holmberg and The Apologetics Group. You can get their DVD's at http://www.theapologeticsgroup.com/ .

This video is called, "Defining and Defending Authentic Christianity" and you can click here to get it yourself.

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