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Andy and Melissa Beshore

Saturday, July 05, 2008

John MacArthur on Gay marriage

Here is a video from YouTube with Larry King interviewing Chad Allen and John MacArthur. If you ever saw the movie The End of the Spear, Chad Allen plays the missionary and he's gay in real life. It's called, "John MacArthur explains why sin is sin." It discusses whether or not someone can be born gay.

This one is called, "John MacArthur defines a family." It explains how a homosexual couple can't form a family.

This one is called, "John MacArthur explains why homosexually destroys families." The person who posted it did a typo, but that's what they labeled it if you want to find it on YouTube.

John MacArthur and John Piper discussing ministry and missions. It's called, "A discussion with John Piper and John Macarthur."

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