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Andy and Melissa Beshore

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Response to the YouTube video "10 Questions That Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer."

Possibly a year ago, I'm not sure, I watched a video on YouTube called: "10 Questions That Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer." At the time I had no answers to the questions it raised and it made me even question my faith. I didn't turn away from Christianity, but it made me question. Over my lifetime I've had many people explain to me their reasons for believing God doesn't exist or that Christianity was wrong, and at the time they seemed to have good arguments. I would just believe in "faith" that was God was true. There had to be a beter reason than faith for everything.

In the past when I went to church, I would ask questions like it poses such as "Why does God not heal amputees," and other questions like that. I wondered why so many people claimed to be healed and never saw any proof of it myself or anywhere for that matter. I wondered why God could would allow so many seemingly innocent people in the Bible to be killed for what seemed like petty sins. Also, how can a loving God allow suffering and evil to go unpunished in this world? I wondered so many things but no one could ever give me a good, rational answer. The only answers I was given was that we had to have faith or that we can't understand the mind of God, or it's just a product of the fall, and things like that.

When those kinds of questions were brought to me by people opposing Christianity, I had nothing to say in response but the same answers I had heard such as "just have faith." This was hard to convince unbelievers of this, let alone me as a supposed Christian at the time. How come time and time again no one had answers to my questions? Now, since I became a true Christian, I believe, back in January of this year, the Bible has started to make sense for once in my life. I thought I understood the Bible and the basic doctrines of the faith. I had it all wrong. Almost all that I had been taught was wrong.

For once I was getting answers that made sense. It was recently brought to my attention the concern of this video and that people might not believe in God if they watched it. I watched this video again today and to me the questions were absolutely absurd and were so easily refutable. It caused me no concern whatsoever because I knew what the Bible had to say about the questions posed. Plus, I trust in the sovereignty of God. If God is really going to save someone, then watching a video like that won't stop them from becoming a Christian. I have no fears that anything I will ever watch or hear in my life will convince me that the Bible isn't true or God doesn't exist. I don't care what ridiculous arguments the opposition brings up. They're exactly that....ridiculous! The God of the Bible is true and once you become saved, there should be no doubt about that. God has revealed Himself to us in Scripture and the Bible has withstood the test of time and has proven to be true. When God takes out that heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh, you know it and the power of God is made real to you. It's not just "faith" anymore, but reality.

First, watch the video that supposedly proves that God is just imaginary and not real and supposedly proves to us that if you believe in God you are delusional. The arguments are pathetic. Then, watch a young man, younger than we are, answer all the questions with ease. It's sad that a guy so young can answer these and lots of pastors can't even do that. Hopefully you can easily point out the flaws in their "straw man" arguments and will be more equipped when people ask you the same questions. God bless!

Melissa : )

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